Michael Erdman

Michael got involved in early music from the age of 10, when he began studying recorder and organ.  Eventually, multiple pipes won out over just one, and he focused on organ and choral conducting with studies at the Royal Conservatory and U of T.  He studied with Lionel Rogg and Guy Bovet in Switzerland and developed a keen interest in early ornamentation and performance technique (yes, one can play scales with just two fingers, if one concentrates very hard!).  He held the position of Organist and Choir Master at St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in Regent Park for  almost 30 years, where he restored use of elaborate Gregorian chant and performance of different polyphonic mass settings and motets at each service.  On retirement from St. Bart’s in 2008, Michael founded and conducts Cantemus Singers, a 12 to 16 voice a cappella vocal ensemble, with the goal of expanding knowledge and appreciation of Renaissance secular music.  The group performs at the Church of the Holy Trinity (Eaton Centre), with three programs a year generally featuring songs from a particular country.  Our Christmas program last year featured Spanish repertoire, including several in Catalan.  Our winter concerts this year were Elizabethan, and spring concerts in German.  At these concerts, Michael plays organ pieces from the early period of that instrument’s repertoire, including works by Byrd, Frescobaldi, the Gabrielis, Merulo and others.