Toronto Early Music Players Organization
Toronto Early Music Players Organization

TEMPO Programme 2021 – 2022

Our Program Director, Christine McClymont, is planning an exciting program for 2020- 21. The confirmed sessions for the Fall will be online using Zoom.  January - June sessions may be in person.


September 12: Francis Colpron - Recorders / Flute

We are very excited to start the season with a long-time TEMPO favourite, Francis Colpron, recorder and traverso player and Artistic Director and founder of Les Boréades de Montréal. Francis is recognized as one of the most talented musicians of his generation and an innovative artist and performer. He is also a gifted teacher. Details of his program will follow shortly. In the meantime, Francis has told us that his goal for the first workshop after the summer layoff is to get people playing!


October 3: Colin Savage - Recorders

Another popular TEMPO coach, clarinetist and recorder player Colin Savage has been principal clarinetist with the Mississauga Symphony for 30 years, and regularly performs on recorder and historical clarinets with a wide variety of chamber and orchestral ensembles in Southern Ontario. He has toured Japan and performed several times in the Royal Opera House at Versailles with Opera Atelier, and worked with New York Collegium, Tafelmusik, Canadian Opera Company, Apollo’s Fire, Les Boréades, Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Consort. He particularly enjoys playing bass clarinet with the Arctic fusion band Ensemble Polaris.

November 7, 2021, Sophie Lariviere
A Montreal-based recorder virtuoso, Sophie Lariviere is a key member of Ensemble Caprice, among her many other talents and projects. Sophie is a frequent coach for TEMPO workshops, always with huge success. Her upcoming fun and educational workshop is entitled "Baroque Ornamentation: A Duel between France and Italy." It features visual documents that demonstrate how to read the symbols and play French and Italian ornaments. Then we participants will play a suite by Hotteterre applying what we've just learned. She’s sending the music beforehand so we can try it out. Join us to expand your early music knowledge!

December 5, 2021, Larry Lipnik
Larry Lipnik has quickly become one of our favourite workshop coaches, discovered during the pandemic with the help of Amherst Early Music. Larry has a multitude of early music interests: viol, recorder, voice, conducting - you name it. He has performed with many acclaimed ensembles, including Anonymous 4 and the Waverly Consort. He's a founding member of the viol consort Parthenia and the vocal ensemble Lionheart. Then there’s his involvement with opera - including Monteverdi’s Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria - and his performances for numerous labels. You’ll find that he directs his workshop at exactly the right level for enthusiastic amateurs.

January 9, 2022, Larry Beckwith
Larry Beckwith is one of the most versatile musicians on the Toronto early music scene. After studying music at U of T, he pursued his interests in choral music, baroque music, theatre, contemporary music, radio, and teaching - these days, in the Arts Unionville High School music program. As a baroque violinist, he was a founding member of the Aradia Baroque Ensemble. Larry's most recent creative project is Confluence Concerts, for which he’s the artistic producer. He writes: "Well, like everyone, I had a number of events planned with Confluence that have been either cancelled or postponed” until next season, including a Salon on “Creativity and Aging.” TEMPO folks are waiting with bated breath to learn what he has planned for our first winter workshop!

February 6, 2022, Stéphane Potvin
Stéphane Potvin is another musician with multi-interests. He’s a talented conductor who can coax lyrical performances from orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles. His conducting career has taken him throughout Canada, where he has led the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, the Niagara Children’s Chorus, the Orpheus Male Choir, the McGill Chamber Singers, and more. He's the Founder and Artistic Director of Musikay, a group of professional musicians and singers dedicated to the performance of classical music - their goal is to make that music accessible and relevant to today’s audience. His communicating skills have made his Rosewood Consort and TEMPO workshops riveting.

March 6, 2022,  Jennifer Carpenter
Jennifer is a new workshop leader visiting TEMPO and we look forward very much to welcoming her. She studied recorder in North Carolina and Texas. After many travels, she’s now based in Colorado Springs, where she performs regularly, as a soloist and in early music ensembles. She is a member of both Parish House Baroque, Colorado Springs’ early music ensemble, and Byrd on a Wire, a recorder and viol ensemble. She enjoys teaching and coaching ensembles as much as performing, and is on the Board of Directors of the American Recorder Society. Examples of her online workshops are “Scottish Baroque”, and "Virtual Ceilidh."

April 3, 2022, Femke Bergsma
Femke has been a regular guest coaching TEMPO workshops for many years. A superb recorder player, she always presents a wide range of beautiful music at her workshops. After completing her studies at the Utrecht Conservatory in Holland, Femke moved to Montreal, where she was an assistant for the recorder maker Jean-Luc Boudreau, and soon started performing with several ensembles. These include the celebrated Les Boréades de Montréal, Thirteen Strings in Ottawa, and Tafelmusik in Toronto. She regularly teaches at CAMMAC summer camps.

May 1, 2022, Katherine Hill
Katherine is well known as a singer and viol player with the Toronto Consort, but her musical activities don’t stop there. She has a particular interest in music emanating from medieval women’s communities, and formed contemporary women’s groups in Amsterdam, Toronto and Calgary. In Sweden, she studied the nyckelharpa (a Swedish keyed fiddle with origins in the Middle Ages.) During the pandemic, she was an Artistic Director for The Toronto Consort's "A Medieval Christmas," which streamed on Early Music TV.

Links and music for the Zoom sessions will be emailed as each date approaches



Christine McClymont, Program Director

Elan Dresher, President

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