Memories of TEMPO


Sue Carduelis

"I'll give you my recollections of the very first TEMPO gathering, with details to be filled in later (and more names if they pop back into my head sometime):

I was teaching recorder at the Conservatory and was also involved with the Ontario CAMMAC summer camp and the Recorder Players Society, so folks knew me through various connections. When some RPS people and others around town decided to form a group to include other instruments such as viola da gamba and 'buzzies' (krumhorns and others), they did a lot of work. They polled people for their interest in having regular meetings and teased out the general preferences for repertoire, leaders, format and instrumentation. Finally, in whatever year that was, they were ready to begin and set a date in the late fall and approached me about leading their inaugural session.  (See History)

This was an honour I very much appreciated and I was very excited as the time approached for us all to meet on a Saturday morning in one of the large front rooms in the Conservatory. Exciting it certainly was, bringing so many players together – new acquaintances and many who knew each other from elsewhere but had never played in a mixed group like this. We tuned up and blended the colours and started in, making a very merry, BIG sound. Somewhere around our second piece, we started noticing contributions quite outside our capabilities, not to mention quite outside the key we were playing in. YES, it was the Santa Claus parade, right there under our window. A jolly time was had by all, definitely memorable."