From the President    August 2021

First, on behalf of the Executive Committee, we hope you have all had a good summer. Although we were not able to play together, our virtual workshops last year were very well received, and the season ended with a well-attended and entertaining virtual Tea. We were hoping that we could soon resume in-person meetings, but as of today this does not yet appear to be feasible. Therefore, for the time being we will continue with our virtual workshops, which we are sure will be as fascinating as they were last year.

Special thanks to our Program Director, Christine McClymont, for all her work in planning the program. This fall we again have an outstanding line up of workshop leaders, starting on September 12 with Francis Colpron. For a preview of the fall program, please see below.

Like all workshops for the foreseeable future, this one will be online, conducted over Zoom. Here is how it will work:

Invitation: A few days before the workshop all members of T.E.M.P.O. will receive an email invitation with a link and a password to the Zoom meeting. You do not need a Zoom account to join the workshop, but you need to have Zoom on your computer or get the Zoom app on your ipad or other tablet. We think that by now everyone has experience with Zoom (maybe more than enough!), but please write if you have questions.

Payment: Annual membership remains $75 for the year, payable by e-transfer or cheque. Those who wish can pay $35 for the 4 workshops in Fall 2021 and $40 for the 5 workshops in winter/spring 2022. Non-members can attend one workshop for free and thereafter pay $15 per workshop.

Website: When we have more information it will be posted on our website at:

Preview of the program this fall: